Saturday, July 16, 2011

How does your organization conduct its strategic planning?

Posted by Jeff Lucas
 Strategy Map
I am not going to provide details on all of the "items to address" from our Criteria for Performance Excellence(so don't bother posting OFI comments like "unclear how time horizons were set"), but I did want to provide everyone out there in the Baldrige community with an update on our most recent round of strategic planning which has involved the construction of a Strategy Map and an aligned Balanced Scorecard.
The approach originated from the bottom up.  Acting on our results from administering the Gallup Q12 workforce engagement survey, we had agreed to develop an impact plan.  A team of staff (without senior leadership involvement, mind you) came back with the recommendation that they would like the Program to develop a Balanced Scorecard.  I must admit that my initial reaction was "really?!?" I haven't experienced a lot of examples of staff asking to get involved with the hard work of trying to measure better, but then again, this is the Baldrige staff we are talking about.
We decided that the use of a scorecard is greatly enhanced by being derived from the direction that is provided by a strategy map.  In constructing ours, we adapted the traditional format used by for-profit organizations to reflect the fact that our customers are largely not the ones paying for our products and services.  Instead, we placed at the top of our map "Funders and Stakeholders," the groups that provide both the financial and social capital necessary for the ongoing success of the program. The remaining perspectives remain pretty true to the traditional approach and include Customers, Internal Processes and Learning & Growth.
To date we have completed the top two areas and developed the metrics that would support these.  You can view this work, along with the operational definitions of how we propose to measure the concepts listed on the scorecard, here:  Baldrige Strategy Map.  We presented this work to the Baldrige Board of Overseers at their June 15th meeting where it was approved.
We are working now to complete the map and scorecard and would like to have your feedback.  Please leave us comments here on the blog, join in the discussion on our LinkedIn group, or feel free to email me directly at

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