Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quality=Customer Service?

Posted on January 15, 2013 by borawski

When you think of “quality,” do you think of customer service? I certainly do. The customer service department is often our first—and only—contact with a company, whether it’s our Internet provider or retail outlet.

And yet, customer service is not always seen as a “quality” issue, at least according to ASQ’s recent customer service survey. We polled more than 600 quality and customer service respondents around the world, and the results were similar: Managing customer expectations and communicating with customers is challenging, no matter where you’re located.

We also found that companies don’t consider customer service as a top priority—as opposed to product development, IT, and marketing.

The survey addresses possible solutions—such as setting up a rapid response team, systematizing replies to customer complaints, changing the focus from short-term transactions to long-term relationships. What do you think is the role of quality—whether the “big Q” or the “little q”—in customer service?

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  1. There is much to be learned from the feedback obtained from a customer service department. Complaints, what customers struggle to understand or do, customer expectations, etc can all help you develop your product / service. The information can be used to inform product / service development and the focus of marketing. To overlook feedback from customer services is to leave a valuable information source untapped.