Monday, April 29, 2013



Ms. Hollis R. Lipscomb
Managing Partner
Mr. John R.Lipscomb
John R. Lipscomb. & Associates
464 Rosario Drive   White Lake, MI 48386

Whoever said "no news is good news" wasn't talking about customer satisfaction. Knowing the what, when and· hoW of keeping your .customers happy is one of the cornerstones ofa successful business leadership strategy. But what if all the feedback from· customers is good? What if it's all bad? What if there is no communication at all with your customers?
In this presentation we develop a strategic game plan to determine customer satisfaction for both the tangible product and intangible .service business. We show how to develop the strategy, determine the type and quantity needed, gather and use the information for each individual customer group.
This Customer Satisfaction Determination model isa significant departure from the traditional customer complaint approach. It develops a conscious strategy to target, discover, measure and use information about customer perceptions and expectations, to drive the total. customer satisfaction
improvement program. It is a pro-active and dynamic process, designed to identify and respond to changes in market attitudes, tastes and expectations as they occur. This real time information· system is a must have first step toward market leadership and growth. It allows today's successful competitor to provide exactly what customers want, when they want it, instead of wasting precious time and resources to discover too late what they don't want.

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