Sunday, June 2, 2013

What the World’s Most Industrious and Successful Creatures, the Honey Bee, Can Teach Us about Leadership


When we purchased our first beehive, after carefully placing the queen in the hive, we tipped the box upside down and shook 5,000 bees into the hive. At first the bees were flying everywhere. But within minutes all the bees had settled into the hive and begun their work.

During the past three years as beekeepers, it’s been remarkable to open the hive and see the “industry” of honey making evolve through the various seasons of the year. In the spring, the hive has the fewest number of bees, and the scramble is on to build up the bee population and start honey production again. By summertime, the hive is in full production as the bee count dramatically increases and the honey cells are filled and capped. In the fall, the bees should have all the honey they need for the winter—the drones are gone, and the hive is sealed from the cold.

When you take the lid off the hive and watch the bees for any length of time, you will soon see the culture of the beehive.

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