Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brazil automotive production reaches new record highs

October, 2013
Brazilian manufacturers of passenger and light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses produced 332,029 units in September of this year, the biggest volume for the month in the history of the industry.

The result was divulged by Anfavea on Friday, 4th, and represented an increase of 15.2% when compared to the volume produce in September 2012, but it also represented a drop of 2.5% when compared to August, which had one less working day.

The production volume between January and September of this year, 2,841,603 vehicles, which represented a 13.9 increase when compared to the same period in 2012, also represented a record volume.

According to Luiz Moan, president of Anfavea, the record highs reflected the efforts of the Association during the past months. "Our mandate is not only in favor of the market, but also in favor of production. We are searching for alternatives to increase Brazilian production, either through the domestic market or through exports."

The executive updated the industry's investment values for future installed capacity. The most recent announcements made by Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen helped bring the total investments planned by vehicle manufacturers up to R$ 74.1 billion, which should increase the country's installed production capacity up to 5.8 million units per year, starting
in 2017.
"We believe in a domestic market of 4.6 million units in the same period. This is why our export program, Exportar-Auto, is so significant."

Anfavea projects total vehicle production this year should reach 3.79 million units, which would represent an increase of 11.9% when compared to 2012. During the past 12 months, vehicle production in the country totaled 3.734 million units, that is, close to the Association's estimate for the year.

Last month, vehicle and agricultural machinery manufacturers hired 200 workers. Anfavea members now have a workforce of 154.7 thousand workers.

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