Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Audi wants to sell 30,000 units in Brazil in 2020

Jörg Hoffmann, president of Audi’s Brazilian operation, has been in Brazil for 5 months, time enough to supply him with additional confidence.
Nominated by headquarters to run the company’s return to manufacturing in the country, the executive admits that he has so much work ahead of them that there is barely time to practice Portuguese, even at a reasonable level.

According to the president of Audi Brazil, headquarters fees a number of different opportunities and the
local market, especially because there is enormous sales growth potential in the premium segment:

“Everybody speaks well about Brazil in Germany, with a certain level of enthusiasm. I like it here very much and have become more confident since I moved here: the economy is stable.”

The targets established for Hofmann are anything but modest: Audi wants to sell more than the 6.6 thousand units sold in 2013, which represented an increase of 35% when compared to 2012. 

Overall, the company has a target of selling 30,000 vehicles in the country in 2020. In order to achieve this, it is investing R$500 million to begin production again of its models in São José dos Pinhais, state of Paraná, plus another R$ 300 million to expand its dealer network - divided with dealer representatives - and an
undivulged value to be spent on marketing and advertisement.

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