Thursday, August 6, 2015

Could I try some advice for senior managers?

When making a decision, ask yourselves: do we believe what we see, or only see what we believe?
Every day, senior managers must look to plan ahead and break new ground. The resulting, profitable innovations are like oxygen to the organization.
Pioneering solutions can only be created in a pioneering environment. Leaders must therefore promote a culture of trust and personal responsibility. Managers should allow a margin of error, so that employees can learn from mistakes, and his/her staff must also be given the freedom to think and create. In addition, he/she must foster a culture where change is genuinely welcomed and encouraged – not feared.
Effective leaders think and take action on behalf of their team, not as individuals. They are the first to listen, and the last to speak.
Senior managers who follow this approach, and actively support value creation in the organization, will enhance their teams’ ability to innovate, achieve maximum productivity and delight customers. What’s more, they will greatly boost their ability to attract exceptional talent.
Organizations with this structure almost always enjoy high liquidity, outstanding profitability and strong growth – both now and in the long term.
Against this background, it needs to be aware that total quality management means eliminating all errors. Total management quality, meanwhile, means establishing a culture of trust.
Thus, always be open to new, diverse and original ideas. Show interest for the skills and tendencies of employees. Perhaps they are capable of achieving more and taking on greater challenges than you might think! Always remain impartial when it comes to suggestions and feedback – and offer up your take on a topic directly, even if you have a different or critical opinion. This direct exchange helps everyone to continually improve and create a common space where we enjoy working together and motivating one another.

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