Tuesday, February 14, 2017

To all readers,
sharing message I've received from Joshua Rapoza, Lean Enterprise Institute.

Dear Joao,
I am writing today to let you know we have released a new book, The Work of Management.
The author is Jim Lancaster, CEO of Lantech, the company featured in chapter 6 of the book Lean Thinking. Jim tells a practical and inspiring story on two levels. It’s a close-up, candid look at his personal transformation as a leader and his understanding of the real work of management. And it’s a practical, in-depth, business study of Lantech’s lean transformation, relapse, and comeback that American industries can use to profitably transform themselves.
In his engaging story, Lancaster reveals:
  • Why Lantech, a stellar lean performer for a decade, struggled over time (like many other companies) to sustain gains and improve financial performance.
  • Why 60 to 90 minutes of daily frontline management activities are a CEO’s most important minutes of the day for sustaining and growing their business.
  • 8 steps executives can take to lead experiments to create a bullet-proof, real-time daily management system without expensive consultants.
  • Why daily management requires a major shift in managers’ mindsets and behaviors from giving orders and judging individuals on performance to asking questions and enabling good work by people at lower levels so metrics are routinely met.
  • How daily management and sustainable continuous improvement produces dramatic positive effects on the bottom line.
This book does an excellent job of sharing a CEO’s insights on challenges we all struggle with, from daily management to sustainability to getting leadership buy in. Lancaster will be sharing his thoughts on management systems and the role of a lean leader at next month’s Lean Transformation Summit, which is nearly sold out.
I personally have not seen John Shook and Jim Womack more excited about a new book like this in years. That to me is a resounding endorsement of what Lancaster is sharing with the lean community and the world.
To get the book please go to:


Joshua Rapoza
Customer Strategy Officer
Lean Enterprise Institute

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