Saturday, November 26, 2011

Notes on the Fundamentals of Measurement and Measurement as a Production

Process; NBSIR 74-545; 1974
Pontius, P.
NBS Internal Report 74-545; 62p. September 1974.

The concept of a measurement process as a production process is relatively new, having evolved in the last ten years. There have been significant contributions from many sources which have served to refine the initial ideas. The generalized concept of a measurement process is discussed together with techniques and examples for verifying the validity of the result. While some of the techniques may not be appropriate for certain highly specialized measurement processes, it is felt that the concepts are applicable to practically all measurement processes. For certain types of general measurement processes, which must operate in a variety of materials and properties, the techniques have been invaluable in understanding the manner in which measurement processes operate in a "real world."

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