Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Innovation and Quality

Sunday, November 27, 2011
by Blog Making Medical Lab Quality Relevant

I have been pre-occupied recently with the concepts of innovation and quality. Perhaps it has something to do with the recent media attention to Steve Jobs and his impact on manufacturing and design. Or maybe it has to do with some things that are happening around CMPT and our Program Office course in Laboratory Quality Management. Making progress through change.
Today I saw an interview of James Dyson, another innovator perhaps not as well known as Mr. Jobs. James Dyson is a British engineer with a interest in industrial design who has made among other things significant improvements to vacuum cleaners, room heaters, hand dryers. Less flash than Apple, perhaps, but he has created a slew of brilliant product improvements, and has been knighted and amassed a ton of money in the process. And he has established the James Dyson Foundation to support education and research at many levels.
When asked about where he got his motivation for his innovations, he said it came from passionate anger when he found things that did not work properly.

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