Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 in Quality: Successes and Disappointments

It’s hard for me to consider that it’s the middle of December already. There’s been something incredibly fast about this year. Don’t know whether it’s the advancement of my years, or if, as the ASQ Future of Quality Study suggests, it’s the “increasing rate of change.” I’d rather it be the latter, except for the trepidation of what lies ahead as the rate of change continues to accelerate.
I want to thank all the Influential Voices bloggers for reading View From the Q and using their good voices to get the word out. And thanks to the many blog readers and commenters for the gift of their interest and views. The quality community has much work to do if quality is to find its rightful place in society. Whether improvements are large or small, personal or social, it seems “modern” quality is not well-understood.
While ASQ has a voice, the community is making a mistake if it assumes our voice is enough. That’s why World Quality Month in November was exciting. It gave us a glimpse of what could be possible if more voices, those of the world’s quality organizations and their members, joined in harmony to bring attention to what we all know is true – quality works!


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