Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Using MS Excel for Weibull Analysis

For the uninitiated, Weibull analysis is a method for modeling data sets containing values greater than zero, such as failure data. Weibull analysis can make predictions about a product's life, compare the reliability of competing product designs, statistically establish warranty policies or proactively manage spare parts inventories, to name just a few common industrial applications. In academia, Weibull analysis has modeled such diverse phenomena as the length of labor strikes, AIDS mortality and earthquake probabilities.
Learning by example
Let's ignore the formulas for now and start by looking at an example of Weibull analysis in action. Imagine that you work for a toy company that wants to compare the reliability of two proposed designs for a jack-in-the-box spring housing. 

by William W. Dorner is a senior quality/process engineer at Best Access Systems in Indianapolis. He is a Certified Quality Engineer and a member of ASQ and ASA.
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and you:
have any example of Weibull application on warranty concerns to share in this blog?

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