Monday, January 9, 2012

What has Baldrige done for me lately?

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

I heard recently that a governor asked, "What has Baldrige done for my state?" I wish I had been present with a laptop and could have shared impacts of Baldrige by state.

I wish I also could have shared with him results that organizations have achieved by using Baldrige as a continuous improvement tool in health care, education, manufacturing, service, small business, and nonprofit/government.

I wish I could have helped to overcome his perception that Baldrige is just a quality fad or has lost its luster. I could have done that by sharing economic impact studies that show a huge return on investmentfrom using Baldrige. I wish I could have shared information about how Baldrige is part of the foundation of a strong economy.

I wish I could have shared a myriad of other results found on the Baldrige Web site and encouraged him to not just take it from me but to listen to those who are much more eloquent on results achieved with Baldrige.

But since I was not present to make the case in person for Baldrige, I will try to do it here.

And the next time you are asked "What has Baldrige done for me lately?" perhaps you will be ready.

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