Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Germany Won’t Let the Euro Fail in 2012

by the Sovereign Investor
admin (December 21, 2011)

“People are looking at the hood of their car while they’re driving.
Some are even looking at their feet. No one seems to be
looking at the road.” Daniel Z., Swiss asset manager.
Traveling at more than 100 miles per hour on the autobahn between Munich and Zurich, you quickly develop a keen awareness of the roads that take you through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
You notice how smooth they are, not a pothole, bump or ripple to be felt.
You notice the decorum as slower motorists reflexively make way for faster cars approaching at speeds topping 120mph.
You notice how well traffic flows almost gracefully as cars enter and exit the roadway.
But most of all, you notice the roadway itself.
By necessity, you pay attention to what’s happening well ahead of you. Not what’s just in front of your hood … and certainly not what your feet are up to. To do so would be certain death at this speed.
It is a perfect analogy for the euro-debt crisis at play. Those who are looking at the hood of the car – those focused on the immediate events – are doomed. They don’t see what’s coming.
Those looking down the road … they see the turn up ahead. They’re the ones who’ll profit because the wreck that’s coming isn’t the demise of the euro…
It will be those who are betting on the euro’s demise. Though it looks troubled now, the euro is destined to survive … and ultimately emerge stronger than ever.

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