Monday, December 17, 2012

Get Out of the Gate Quickly: The First Five Steps to BPM

If you don’t get off to the right start with a BPM Project, there are all kinds of consequences such as:
  • Needing to change process owners mid stream
  • Wasting time focusing on the wrong goals
  • Not involving the right resources
  • Missing critical information and making poor decisions
  • “Buying” the technology solution
In one unfortunate situation, the executive group prioritized the key  process improvement projects to start on, wrote initial charters and selected the work teams.  But the Process Owners for each team were not part of the executive session, did not agree with the charters, and were not sure the projects were going to be successful at this time.  So we had to back track to get everyone aligned, to assign executive sponsors and process owners, and to redefine the improvement targets in the charters.  We wasted several hours of each team’s time, and the project began on a riskier basis.


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