Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Things to Make Your Next Strategic Retreat & Discussion Actually Produce Something

Jeremie Kubicek, well-known blogger, author and speaker in the leadership circuit, recently wrote a post about strategic retreats. Here's what he said, "...what I have noticed is that most people come into the retreats like they come into a 10AM meeting - not prepared and a bit frazzled." Does that seem like it's the case with a lot of your strategic retreats or discussions? Perhaps, that's even why you try not to have them or at the very least, try to make them as short and painless as possible. Although Jeremie's blog brings up a very valid point, he doesn't get to the heart of what strategic leaders are really asking, "Okay, but how do we do it - how do we get a more engaged and thoughtful discussion going about the future of our organization." How do we get leaders from all different departments, locations, with all their own agendas in a room and actively start to look at strategy for the next 3-5 years. An even more pressing question related to strategic planning, "Does it even make sense to plan when everything is changing at the speed of light?" READ MORE>>

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