Monday, April 28, 2014

Quality Beyond Manufacturing Applying Deming’s approach in a service company

It was yesterday, a glorious sunny distraction of a day, and while alternately admiring the world outside my window and reading the latest issue of CQI’s Quality World, I came across a plea for help. In the letters section, a reader implored the editor to “help the large number of service industries in the UK to understand how Deming’s work can apply to them.” 

by Paul Naysmith
As well as being a Quality Punk and Improvement Ninja, Paul Naysmith is the HSEQ regional manager in the United States for a leading oil- and gas-well services company. He is a Fellow and Chartered Quality Professional with the UK’s Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and an honorary member of the South African Quality Institute (SAQI). Naysmith has a bachelor of science in paper science and management, and has worked in industrial textiles, food manufacturing, and the aerospace industry. When not working, he enjoys photography, training to become a Cajun, and spending every precious moment with his family. Connect with him onwww.paulnaysmith.com, LinkedIn, or follow on twitter @PNaysmith or buy his printed book Business Management Tips from a Quality Punk also available as an ebook (Lulu, 2013).

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