Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Study says offer of models in Brazil should grow 8.7% by 2015

By Michele@autodata.com.br

The number of models sold in Brazil should grow 8.7% by 2015, according to a study conducted by Roland Berger consulting firm, which was obtained by AutoData news agency.

The number of model options should total 248 next year – the calculation takes into consideration only the model itself, discounting its body variations such as 2 and 4 doors, and versions, such as entry-level, intermediary, and top-of-the-line.

Only vehicles with sales of more than 50 units were taken into account, which eliminates, for example, the super-sports and very high luxury premium models.

Competition became tougher in Brazil since 2009, when there were 172 options of vehicles available to the consumers. In 2013, this total jumped 24.5%, reaching 228 models, and should close this year with 232 options, says the consulting firm.

According to Martin Bodewig, director of Roland Berger in Brazil, the country already has the biggest portfolio in the world for a market of vehicles. “This is good for the consumers, who have many options, but the automakers need to rely on various platforms, which can increase the cost of the final product.”

The consultant highlights that the number of products increased principally in 2012 and 2013. “There were many portfolio renewals during this period. Companies such as General Motors, for example, change practically their entire line of products.”

According to the executive, Brazilian consumers are more demanding. Another study conducted by the consulting firm with potential middle-class buyers in the country indicated that the purchase expectations for the coming 3 years include vehicles that are equipped with 5 to 7 airbags, fatigue sensors, complete connection with the Internet, start-stop and park assist systems.

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