Thursday, August 14, 2014

8 Tips for “Passing the Baton” with Suppliers and Customers

by Robert Martichenko
August 8, 2014

In a relay race, the winning team isn’t the one that runs the fastest leg, but the one that runs fastest start to finish without dropping the baton. In business, the winning supply chain isn’t the one with the most efficient operational silos, but the one that is most efficient end to end, especially at the handoffs.

In other words, you can have four incredible athletes running a relay race, but if they don’t get the handoffs right, they don’t win. In your supply chain, the handoffs also are where you’re most likely to drop the "baton."

Handoffs occur where supplier processes connect with yours, where your processes connect with customers, where wholesalers connect with retailers, etc. Processes at handoffs often lack visibility and discipline. 

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