Saturday, February 28, 2015

New NIST Tools to Help Boost Wireless Channel Frequencies and Capacity

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, which is great for communications but a growing burden on wireless channels. Forecasted huge increases in mobile data traffic call for exponentially more channel capacity. Boosting bandwidth and capacity could speed downloads, improve service quality, and enable new applications like the Internet of Things connecting a multitude of devices. Kate Remley To support wireless communications at higher frequencies offering more channel capacity, NIST engineer Kate Remley led development of this new 94 gigahertz calibrated signal source for testing receivers and other devices. Credit: NIST View hi-resolution image 16-antenna array NIST researchers developed this directional 16-antenna array to support modeling of wireless communications channels at 83 gigahertz. Credit: NIST View hi-resolution image To help solve the wireless crowding conundrum and support the next generation of mobile technology—5G cellular—researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are developing measurement tools for channels that are new for mobile communications and that could offer more than 1,000 times the bandwidth of today’s cell phone systems.........continue

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